Now selling tungsten flipping weights!

Does it get any better than flipping a soft plastic creature bait into a mat and pulling out a giant largemouth bass?  Many of you may know that I spend my winters in south Florida (mainly Lake Okeechobee) and I find myself flipping quite a bit.  So I thought why not buy in bulk, use some myself and sell the rest.  So that's what this is all about.  Pricing should be fairly aggressive as I'm not trying to get rich doing this.  I'm starting off with a fairly small quantity available and will re-stock if they sell decently.  Also I'm mainly stocking the color (black) and sizes that I use.  In the deep south any color works just fine as long as it's black.  Well that's almost the truth.  If you think about the spooky spaces under mats, it's very dark so a dark silhouette makes sense.  Anyway keep an eye on the page as I will likely be coming our with other baits for the deep south...  Tight lines everyone.
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